Thursday, May 11, 2023

Öwnboss :: Presented by Forest Döwn Under

On Thursday, May 11, Forest Döwn Under presents ÖWNBOSS at Somewhere Nowhere NYC. Tickets & Tables on sale now.



ÖWNBOSS, an enigmatic emerging music artist, keeps their background and identity under wraps. Nevertheless, they are rapidly gaining momentum within the music scene. Their innovative and boundary-pushing sound brings something fresh and thrilling to the table.

Having released several singles that have created ripples across various streaming platforms, ÖWNBOSS has yet to unveil an album or EP. However, it’s anticipated to happen sooner rather than later. In addition to their own releases, they have made guest appearances on tracks by other artists and produced remixes of existing songs.

The distinctive sound of ÖWNBOSS fuses elements of hip hop, R&B, trap, and more, defying categorization. Their experimental production approach seamlessly melds diverse genres, while their velvety, melodic vocals effortlessly captivate listeners.

Although ÖWNBOSS rarely discusses their influences, it’s evident that their inspiration comes from a broad spectrum of artists and genres, ranging from jazz to electronic music.

With a collection of singles already available and more in the pipeline, ÖWNBOSS is undoubtedly a name to keep an eye on in the music world. As they continue to make an impact on the industry, there’s no telling just how high their star will rise.


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